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Statement / Nokia will launch cheap 5G phones, their price will be halfas compared to other companies

Gadget desk. Many companies have launched their flagship phones in the 5G smartphone segment. Their price is very high. In such a situation, HMD Global is preparing to launch affordable 5G phone in the Indian market. The company's Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas says that it will be launched by 2020.

In a media interview, HMD Global Chief Product Officer Sarvikas said that the company is working on manufacturing 5G phones. It is expected that it will be much cheaper than other 5G flagship phones in the market or it can be said that they will be available in half price.

Currently, brands like Samsung and LG have launched their 5G phones in the global market, but they cost up to about 70 thousand rupees. The price of OnePlus 7 Pro 5G is also between 60 thousand and 70 thousand. In view of this, Nokia is considering launching a cheap 5G phone, which will be available at half price from these phones.

It is expected that by next year 5G service will be launched in India. With this, it is also being said that Nokia will come to the Indian market by 2020 with its 5G phone. Madhav Seth, India CEO of Reality has also said that he will launch a cheaper 5G phone by next year.

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