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The fake / government employee worked for 30 years in 3 districts ofBihar simultaneously, from junior to assistant engineer

Kishanganj / Patna. Keeping an eye on the government system in Bihar, an employee worked simultaneously in three different districts for 30 years. Not only this, he also took salary of these three posts of two departments every month. However, the new salary system (CFMS) revealed the truth of this Natwarlal. An FIR was registered against the accused employee Suresh Ram. He is absconding since then.

Suresh Ram was working simultaneously in Kishanganj, Supaul and Banka. He was an assistant engineer in the building construction office of Kishanganj. In Supaul, the Eastern Embankment of Water Resources Department was employed in Bhimnagar, while in Banka, the Assistant Division of Belhar, Lower Division in Water Resources Department. Investigation has revealed that Suresh's name, date of birth, father's name, height, physical identity and permanent address were the same in all the three jobs.

Disclosure in the investigation of documents

Three persons, named Suresh Ram, were seen working as assistant engineers in the process of payment of salaries under the CFMS system. When the matter was investigated in depth, it was found that the same employee was taking salary from three places. Chandrashekhar Prasad Singh, Deputy Secretary to the Government, summoned Suresh to Patna Headquarters on 22 July with all the certificates. But that mobile is turned underground.

The first job in Patna Building Department in 1988
received Suresh on the position of the first job junior engineer in Patna Building Department in 1988. A year later the letter came from the Water Resources Department, Patna for an appointment. He got a job here too. Then the third job letter also came from the Water Resources Department. Suresh did not leave it either. That is, he was appointed 3 times in 3 departments and also got promotion.

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