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Threat on both jobs of 1000 workers joining other place without resigning from Muzaffarpur / Railways

Due to the centralization of the new pension scheme, there was a case of two jobs Sonpur, Samastipur, Danapur, Mughalsarai and Dhanbad sought clarification from railway division

Muzaffarpur (Dhananjay Mishra). Both the jobs of about 1000 Group D employees of Sonpur, Samastipur, Danapur, Mughalsarai and Dhanbad divisions of East Central Railway, who joined the other institution without resigning, have come under threat. The case came to grips as the New Pension Scheme (NPS) was centralized. After this, both the employers withheld the salary of these employees and asked them for clarification. 

There are 10 such employees in Muzaffarpur. More than one thousand employees working in Group D in various rail divisions including Sonpur of Railways have left jobs. All of them have taken up a job at another place or are leaving from another place and are working in railways. However, these employees did not resign in the first place and started the job in the second place. Most of them are employees who are higher degree holders. Meanwhile, the records of these employees were checked when the Railways started the centralization system by implementing the new pension scheme. Then there was talk of joining these employees for another job. Now the salary of these employees has been withheld by both employers. 

This is the rule 
before starting a job. The Railways has stipulated at least 5 years of service. Before this, if you leave the job then there is a rule by the Railways to return the money for training and other expenses. Before the centralization system, the employees left the job without telling them. But after the introduction of this system, everything has gone online and now such cases are coming up. 

This is the NPS 
government has implemented a new pension scheme for employees. It has been linked to National Securities Depository Limited NSDL. The Aadhaar and PAN number of the employee is also linked to this. The salary of the employee is released under this system. At the same time, Form-16 is also issued through this. Only after this, salary is received. If NPS is operational at one place of an employee, then his NPS cannot be started at another place. 
After NPS, the salary of such employees will not be made in the system. His salary is automatically discontinued. A record of the number of such employees is sought. Employees are required to bear the expenses of training before resigning. Only then NOC is given. -Pankaj Kumar , ADRM, Sonpur Division

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