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Confusion in terms of economy is BJP government: Prank

The situation of economic crisis in the country is being witnessed and Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has once again criticized the Modi government over the slowdown in the auto sector and the decline in vehicle sales in such an environment. He has targeted the statement of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in which he said that Ola-Ober has caused a slowdown in the auto sector.

Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, in which she wrote that "before the election, it was said that Ola-Ober had increased employment." Now it is being said that Ola-Ober has slowed down in the auto sector. Why is the BJP government so convinced about the economy? "

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Prior to the election, it was said that Ola-Uber has increased employment. Now, it is being said that due to Ola-Uber the auto sector has slowed down.

Why is the BJP government so confused in terms of economy? # BjpBadForBusiness…

Nirmala Sitharaman
Auto sector decline due to Ola Uber: Nirmala Sitharaman
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said 100 days of Modi government-II was completed, due to decline in automobile sector.
12:20 PM - Sep 12, 2019
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It is pertinent to note that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said in her statement that “BS6 and the change in people's thinking are having an impact on the automobile industry. People are now preferring to buy Ola or Ober instead of buying a car. ”However, shortly after his statement, Maruti's chairman RC Bhargo denied that the sale of cars was affected by Ola-Ober. Have had He also blamed government policies for this. Bhargo had said that due to high petrol-diesel tax rates and road tax, people are refusing to buy cars. However, he had said that the GST reduction was not going to make any difference. The industry, on the other hand, is demanding a reduction in GST to tackle this slump.

It may be recalled that Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi had earlier made several tweets about the country's economic condition and criticized the Modi government. He had earlier said, “The economy is falling into a deep well of recession. The sword is hanging over the jobs of millions of Indians. ”Priyanka Gandhi also wrote that“ The decline in the auto sector and truck sector is a sign of negative development and market breakdown in production-transportation ”. At the same time, the question was, "When will the government open its eyes?"
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