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In the college days with noble actress Camilla Mendes, there was physical abuse

New York: Recently a celebrity has revealed something amazing about her life. He said he had a traumatic accident during his college days. In one of her recent interviews, she revealed that she had been physically abused at the time of college when she was studying at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. The actress is none other than Camilla Mendes, the actress seen on Netflix series. Camilla Mendes has made many more shocking revelations in an interview to a women's health magazine.

According to a report published in Spot Boy, the actress reminisced about the old days of college, saying that the first year in college was difficult. I have had many bad experiences. Someone abused me physically by giving me drugs (drugs). However, without elaborating further on the matter, she said that since then she has decided that she will do everything in her life to make herself safe and comfortable. After this accident he tattooed on his back. The tattoos were written 'To blood e home' (to panic).

Want to be a role model
Camilla Mendes said it reminds tattoos that they have to strengthen the environment around them, as well. Camilla says she wants to be a role model for her fans. She wants to spread the disorder associated with her eating habits and her corrective awareness. This is the kind of awareness they need most in their college days.

Cameron wants to be a role model Camilla wants to be a model
He says I was a teenager who had no role model in terms of body and affinity thinking. During that period nobody talked about it. Back then it was more like being lean. "Good health is more important, not how you look," says Camilla. We must choose things that are right for us, right for our body, right for our soul and our heart.

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