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Imran Khan sits in the PM's office

Islamabad (UrduPoint Newspaper-23-October-2019) The well-known model Harimam Shah was briefed on media reports some time ago when senior journalist Mubashir Luqman tried to steal some items on his helicopter on model Harimam Shah and his friend. Allegedly, we also see other prominent politicians in the photos of the above mentioned models. It is also worth noting how finally a TuckTalk star gets easy access to these politicians, but now the Tuk Tuk star is also known as Harem Shah. Photos and videos have been revealed in the Prime Minister's Office which has raised many questions.

ٹک ٹاک گرل حریم شاہ وزیراعظم آفس میں عمران خان کی کرسی پر بیٹھ گئیں

In the videos, the talk star is shown walking around in the Prime Minister's Office.

Social media has been witnessing a harsh reaction to this video of Harim Shah. Users say that no minister can sit in the chair of Prime Minister Imran Khan and how a model was allowed to sit in the Prime Minister's chair.

Consumers have raised serious questions on the security of the Prime Minister's Office and said that when this model was walking around in the Prime Minister's office and making videos by sitting in the chair of Imran Khan, where was the Prime Minister's office staff and security? You also watch this video:

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It can be clearly seen here that Harimam Shah is present where the meetings of the cabinet are held, and the chair on which the Prime Minister is sitting, is on the chair of which Harimam is a Brajman.
It is to be remembered that earlier, a petition was filed by senior journalist Mubashir Luqman against two girls, including Harkim Shah, who made the talk videos at Naseerabad police station in Model Town Lahore. SP Model Town police station said that the case will be registered after inquiry.

 Investigations will also be conducted on how the two girls entered the Lahore airport limits.
Why did Mubashir Luqman claim to be the provincial minister of forest wildlife and fishery Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan's involvement in the theft by these girls? Get in my plane and carry other goods, including cameras worth millions of rupees. There, consumers also questioned if they could steal a journalist's helicopter from the Prime Minister's Office.

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