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Indian fighter plane was surrounded by Pakistani F16 but then the Shaheens did such a thing that the Indian government started praising Pakistan.

New Delhi (Daily Pakistan Online) Last month, the turning point in the story of a Pakistani F-16 aircraft encircling an Indian passenger plane came at a turning point, revealing that the aircraft was actually given a military code, which led to the Pak Air Force. Considering it as a fighter plane, he took immediate action but showed prudence and avoided major tragedies.

بھارت کے جنگی طیارے کو پاکستانی ایف 16 نے گھیر لیالیکن پھر شاہینوں نے ایسا کام کردیا کہ بھارتی حکومت پاکستان کی تعریفیں کرنے لگی

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According to Indian media, the Spice Jet's Boeing 737 was flying from Delhi to Kabul last month, when it entered Pakistani territory, the F-16 aircraft surrounded it and asked for identification and left after receiving information.

In this case, the negligence of an officer of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of India has come to light. The DGCA says that an officer had given a military transponder code to a commercial aircraft, which prompted Pakistan to receive information from the radar and take immediate action.

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The DGCA officer gave the Spice Jet passenger aircraft a N32 code, which is a special code of the Indian Army, when the aircraft entered Pakistan's airspace, it was surrounded by the F-16, before the aircraft. On the occasion of the demonstration of Kamal Rukhmandri, the Shaheen of the Pak Air Force flew in and received information from the aforementioned aircraft and left it after being convinced that it was a passenger plane.

Indian authorities have thanked Pakistan for this understanding of Pakistani pilots and suspended a DGCA officer who was negligent in his duties.

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