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The WWE shocked U-Taker, June Sinai and Goldberg

LOS ANGELES (Daily Pakistan Online) World Wrestling Interment (WWE) refuses to take Wrestling's sporting players UND Taker, Jon Sina and Goldberg to Saudi Arabia.

ڈبلیو ڈبلیو ای نے انڈر ٹیکر ، جون سینا اور گولڈ برگ کو بڑا جھٹکا دے دیا

The "Cry Jewel" event is to be held in Saudi Arabia on October 31, featuring the renowned boxer Tyson Fury in place of the Undertaker. This will be the first time that the Undertaker will not be participating in any WWE event in Saudi Arabia.

Tyson Fury has signed a contract with the WWE for a performance in Saudi Arabia for 12 million pounds (about 2.5 billion rupees). In the event in Saudi Arabia he will face Brian Stroman in the first wrestling match of his life. In addition, MMA fighter Ken Velasquez will face former UFC rival Brock Lesnar.

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According to The Wrestling Observer, the Undertaker has received a message from the WWE administration saying that Tyson Fury and Velasquez are available for their Saudi event so you do not need to. A similar phone call has been made to Jon Siena and Goldberg. It should be noted that all three wrestlers have been taking part in matches in Saudi Arabia regularly but this time they have been sidelined.

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