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Which league is Shoaib Malik going to play now? Good news for the fans

LAHORE (Shoaib Malik), the all-rounder of the Pakistan Cricket Team, has decided to join Johannesburg team Jozi Stars for the Mansi Super League.

شعیب ملک اب کون سی لیگ کھیلنے جا رہے ہیں؟ مداحوں کیلئے خوشخبری آ گئی

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The franchise has announced that Shoaib Malik will be part of the West Indies batsman's replacement Chris Gayle. Chris Gayle will be available in the league for the first 6 matches out of the 10 scheduled teams, which means Shoaib Malik will play in the remaining four matches.

Shoaib Malik is happy to be part of the league, saying that I have never played domestic cricket in South Africa before, although I have represented South Africa many times and have played in South Africa. That my team will succeed and I will try to play my part in winning the team

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